Steve Rogers arrived in the Philippines in 1979 as a US Peace Corps       volunteer and has spent most of his life in the country. He has frequented the Cordillera since 1982, exploring the region on foot, by bicycle, and by kayak and raft, and has lived in the mountains full time since 2002. He is the principal author of the 1998 Action Asia Adventure Travel Guide to the Philippines.



Siegrid Bangyay-Rogers is a native Sagadan and a veteran cave and mountain guide. She’s also a noted artist working in stoneware pottery, whose work has appeared in galleries around the Philippines and been included in exhibitions of contemporary Southeast Asian pottery in Manila and the USA.
 Siegrid"s passion is for her mountain environment, history, arts, and culture. This provides a unique perspective when organizing and managing both adventure travel trips and promoting the region’s unique culture.





We provide a number of services to travelers in the Luzon Cordillera and North Luzon. Some trips we manage ourselves, with our own equipment and expertise, mainly white water rafting on the Upper Chico River and canyoning in Sagada’s Baccong-Pongas canyon. We also assist travelers in organizing tailored trips, with itineraries developed to fit specific interests and all transport, guides, and other services provided.

Social Responsibility

Like most adventure travel operators, we follow a strict “leave no trace” policy and cooperate closely with the communities. That’s nothing much to brag about: self-interest demands it, and it should be seen as a bare minimum. Unlike some others in the business, we believe that social responsibility starts in our own house, with respondsibily to those who work for us. That means, first and foremost, paying people fairly, which means professional pay for professional work. If you are on one of our trips, you can be sure of two things. First, anyone you are working with, whether guide, driver or anything else, is the very best we can find. Second, they are being paid a wage commensurate with their skill. Our guides are the best paid outdoor guides in the Philippines because they deserve it.



Pongas Falls, at the south end of Sagada, has been a tourist attraction for years, but few bothered to wonder what lay in the deep-cut ravine upstream from the falls. A few explore gradually worked their way into this demanding terrain and discovered a remarkable sequence of waterfalls cascading down from the high plateau above.

In mid-2014 we began bringing in gear, selecting and training guides, installing anchors, and setting up safety systems, and today the entire canyon can be descended by small groups of visitors.

This is a full day trip that requires extended hiking, some of it on steep terrain. It also involves rappelling multiple waterfalls and jumping waterfalls of up to 6m in height.

Participants with no rappelling experience take a short class the day before the trip, to assure familiarity and comfort with the equipment and the process.

The reward for all this effort is the experience of a unique and spectacularly beautiful environment that even local people very rarely visit. If you love waterfalls, this is not a trip to miss!