The tribal cultures of North Luzon              
offer a unique glimpse at unconquered              
indigenous societies that have retained              
full control over its land, resources, politics,               
and culture. These cultures are not museums -              
all living cultures change – but they provide an             
opportunity to examine at close range what happens             
when indigenous cultures dictate the pace and nature            
of change without outside interference.                            



Many of the indigenous groups in                            
northern Luzon have strict policies                                 
on commodification and                                                  
commercialization of culture,                                          
and we fully support and                                                  
work within those policies.                                             
You will not be treated to                                               
staged rituals or canned cultural shows,                      
and in most areas nobody                                             
will be dressing up in traditional costume                  
charging for photographs.                                            
What you will have is direct                                  
exposure to and communication                               
with the farmers, artists, craftspeople,                     
and other members of the local tribes,                     
and an opportunity to learn about                              
their past, present and future                                     
according to their own beliefs and perceptions.